Allan’s doodles are back up in Starbucks—thanks to the excellent manager, Chelise. We chose 5 that relayed just the right messages and worked with the frames and wall space.

If nearby, go visit, enjoy a coffee, tea and do a little work or relax upstairs. Surround yourself with positivity. ☮️❤️🖊

There is a sign downstairs —near the napkins 😀—letting people know about Allan and the amazing mission he was working on.

Peace. Love. Doodles.
Allan Fox forever with us.

The Starbucks Scare

Chelise is the amazing manager of the Long Beach Starbucks and we are lucky to have her. On an Arts In The Plaza day— I happen to go in to get a coffee ~ wearing a doodle shirt ~ I introduced myself as the “wife of the doodles on the wall” Chelise, who is rarely at the cash register but just happen to be there at that time, told me how the doodles were coming down and another artist’s work was going up. There was clearly a reason I met her that day. I was super happy for that artist but I was so emotional—I literally couldn’t breathe. I guess it was pretty selfish of me to think that these would be up FOREVER. Poor girl—she didn’t realize what she was getting with my order of a venti oat latte!!

With my coffee in hand and tears streaming down my face, I went back to my booth, got a Doodle book, and brought it back to her as a gift and a chance to see Allan’s impact. I then asked her to show me her favorite doodle on the wall and told her that was hers to keep.

She was so glad to meet me because she didn’t know who to return the art to. There were a few that she really liked and she said she had even thought she might keep one when she didn’t know what to do with them! She took my phone number to reach out once they came down. I asked her if there was a way that we could move his display into another area of Starbucks and she was open to that idea.

Chelise was so kind and eventually, we strategized a plan for the doodles to go to the upper level with one downstairs to guide people up there. I am so thankful for her kind and loving spirit. We planned a “hang the doodles day” and as you can see, the rest is history!  I encourage anyone nearby to stop in and see what we’ve done!

As my friend Christine, locally known as “hippie chick” said to me today— It was meant for you to go in there today and talk about it before the display was taken down. Just imagine if you walked in and it wasn’t there anymore.

She told me she was my soul defibrillator today! 😀

The Starbucks Doodle Studio

Chelise ☮️❤️🖊 is an incredible person and Starbucks should know they have a keeper!!

Bailey The Doodle-Dog Mascot

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