Post-its have become an integral part of the Realize Harmony school program. Students can go to the doodle station when feeling down and write themselves a positive, uplifting reminder. Before a test, the class takes a moment to breathe, and then writes something motivational on a post-it to stick to their desks.

Today, Ilene may have needed to write one herself – but Allan’s positivity was already waiting there for her when she needed it most…

Ihave been given the opportunity to do an important presentation later today-so I woke up thinking, “What would Allan say?”

“You are awesome, Mrs. Lady.”

–a surprised post-it I found one time on the bathroom mirror. So, I’ve tucked it aside for the times I’ve needed it.

As a reminder on one of Allan’s doodles (he always added thoughts)…
Make the notes. Think the thoughts. Then, execute.

I chose a few doodles this morning that made me think deeper and are helping me believe in myself. Isn’t that what we need to do?

This is for you, Mr. Man. There is so much ahead for Realize Harmony. #RealizeHarmony

-Ilene Fox