Mrs. Fox Returns and Lakeside Students Become Doodle Ambassadors!

Originally posted by Merrick Union Free School District, Date: 6/20/2023

Lakeside Second Graders are Doodle Ambassadors

Ilene Fox’s second grade Doodles Ambassadors at Lakeside shared what they know about inspirational doodling with Meaghan Kassnove’s kindergarteners.

Doodles is a book written by Mrs. Fox’s late husband, Allan Fox.

“The mission behind the inspirational doodles is to empower people to be positive, kind and compassionate people as well as spread joy and love,” Ilene Fox said. “The students worked so well together.”

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Lakeside Teacher Uses Late Husband’s Book in Classroom Lesson

Originally posted by Merrick Union Free School District, Date Added: 3/18/2022

Ilene Fox, a second-grade teacher at Lakeside School is keeping her late husband’s creative talents alive through classroom lessons.

Jodi Scavelli’s third-grade class at Chatterton participated in a Zoom lesson together recently with Fox’s, relating to Allan Fox’s book, “Doodles.”

Allan was a former human resources executive who recently retired to pursue his creative passions as a singer-songwriter, animator, doodler, and writer.

“We used his book and a YouTube video in which Allan explains the benefits he found in doodling such as increased concentration and stress relief,” explained Fox. “His doodles started as little messages and greetings to friends, but then became the platform for expressing more universal thoughts and ideas about kindness, peace, love, resilience and positive life decisions.”


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