Doodles Book


The Doodles Book Volume One by Allan Fox is a beautiful soft-cover book packed with over 60 pages of inspirational doodle images and messages that are sure to brighten your day.  Check out a preview of the book

From Allan: If the art in this book makes you think, makes you want to create, or makes you want to spread love then this endeavor has been a success.  Art can inspire. Art can bring joy. Art can provoke thought. And art can do all of this while seeming like mere decoration or background music. It’s the sneak attack, and it is what makes art so powerful. My doodles started as little messages and greetings to friends, but then became a platform for expressing more universal thoughts, and now they are in your hands. Thanks for reading. Now, spread love.

(Stay tuned for Volume Two and follow Ilene and #RealizeHarmony on Facebook or Instagram, for up-to-date inspiration and doodle-iciousness.)

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 8.5 × .25 in


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